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new soul (by ryanjamescaruthers)

new soul (by ryanjamescaruthers)

This Is the Way

The way January makes you feel real and impossible. The way people ask questions you’ve been answering your whole life- like how are you. Instead of asking the necessary, blood-stained painful ones like why are you breaking? The way you are changing and you can’t explain why. The way I’m held like a Lover’s private note inbetween your lips. The way I’m kissed before I’m stamped and sent and sent and stamped.  The way a message from a friend makes you seem not so invisible. The way indie music sounds like someone’s heart breaking- maybe yours. The way I like some british accents. The way so many people, but not the right ones. The way things fall apart, but mostly people do.






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Two ways of solving any problem in your life.

1. This is the quickest method, but it has the disadvantage of being temporary.
Find a scapegoat.
Blame your family.
Blame your church or maybe the pastor.
Blame your spouse.
Kick the dog!
Blame God … or blame the Devil.
In short find a scapegoat, and crucify him/her/it - it will make you feel better for a while.

2. This method might take a while longer, but its effect is permanent.
Find the problem within.
Purposely become conscious of your unconscious assumptions.
Realize that no-one else can make you happy or sad without your consent.
Find the thoughts that bind you … and let them go.
Find the assumptions that limit you … and eliminate them.
In short, find your true self and rise up, live boldly, freely, without apology, without excuse, without sacrificing innocent victims.

Andre Rabe

Isn’t it strange? There are so many people out there who secretly love someone. And there are so many people out there who have no idea that someone secretly loves them.
He neither endured the death of John, who was beheaded, nor was He sawn asunder, like Isaiah: even in death He preserved His body whole and undivided, so that there should be no excuse hereafter for those who would divide the Church.

St. Athanasius (via claimedbylove)